Methods to Add Dynamic Data in AnyWhere Elementor Pro

AnyWhere Elementor Pro lets you add dynamic content to posts, pages, and Templates. The Dynamic Content functionality plays a significant role when designing Post Templates, where we need to get content directly from the WordPress post, page, custom post.

There are two methods through which you can get dynamic content in Elementor:

  1. Using AnyWhere Elementor Widgets
  2. To get dynamic content, you can directly use widgets provided by the AnyWhere Elementor Pro plugin. There are various AE widgets available for each functionality, like title, content, featured image, etc., that will help you get specific data.

    Here is the Complete list of widgets provided by AE Pro.

  3. Using the Elementor's native widgets

Under this method, you can use the default elementor widgets like Heading, Image, etc., to get dynamic content using the functionality provided by AnyWhere Elementor Pro.

  • Add any Elementor widget to the section.
  • Click on the Dynamic Tag icon, then select the dynamic option under the AE tag.

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