AE-Post Meta

AE - Post Meta widget is used when you want to display Post Metadata like Date, Category, Author Name, Tag, or Comments to your Post/Page layout.

AE - Post Meta widget gives you many options under the editing section.


  • Layout: Layout gives you the option of displaying the content either vertically or in Horizontal mode.
  • Category: It is used to sort and group the content into sections.
    • Icon: under the icon, you can choose any icon you want to show with your category.
    • Order: In this, you can decide on which no/order your category will be displayed.
    • Category Label: Add a label that will be shown before the category name(like Category Actor here. Category is a label)
    • Vertical List: If you enable this, then your category content will be displayed in vertical mode. And under this, it provides you with an alignment option from which you can adjust your alignment(i.e., left, center, right)
    • Category Separator: This option is for separating your category with a symbol. (like - comma, colon, etc..)
    • Disable Link: By default, the link for the category is shown if you want to disable that link, then you can use this option.

AE-Post Meta: General Settings


  •   Tag: Tags are used when you want that topic to be searchable.
  •   Date: It is used when you want to show the date of your post. There are many options available under this to display the date.
  • Date type: Choose the date type to publish your post on. Under this, it gives you two options i.e.
    • Published Date: In this, the Post Publish date will be displayed.
    • Modified Date: In this option, you can modify the date as per your choice.
  • Date Format: In which format you want to display date (like DD/MM/YY or MM/DD/YY etc..)

AE-Post Meta Date Settings

  • Author: Author option is used when you want to display the Author details on your Post/Page

AE-Post Meta: Author Settings

  • Comment: You can use the Comment option when you want to display any other extra information on your post page.

AE-Post Meta: Comment Settings

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