Creating Block Layout in Anywhere Elementor Pro

In AnyWhere Elementor Pro (AE Pro), block layouts are used in the Post Blocks widget. 

They serve as a layout of individual post items in the Grid & List showcase of Posts.

Making a block layout is similar to making any other global layout template in AE Pro. You have to look after a few configuration settings before starting to design using Elementor.

  • Create a new AE Template. Go to AE Templates -> Add New.
  • Now under AnyWhere Elementor Setting, do the following configuration.
    • Render Mode: Block Layout
    • Preview Post: Select a post to be used as a preview while designing the layout in the Elementor editor.

      AE Templates: Create Block Layout

  • Now save the template and edit with Elementor and start designing your layout.

Sample Block Layout

Here is a sample block layout created using AE Pro widgets.

AE Templates: Sample Block Layout

Render the created Block Layout using the Post Block Adv widget

  • You will see the created layout under the drop-down when using the AE - Post Blocks Adv widget on another Page or Template.

Render Block Layout Using AE-Post Blocks Adv

Final Result

Here, you can see how it will look when this Block Layout is used with the Post Block Adv widget. As you can see, the above-created block layout is used in the loop to render the layout of each post in the post-collection.

Final Layout Using AE - Post Block Adv


  • Make layout just in one parent section. Use the nested section for creating complex layouts.
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