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Advanced Custom Field widget allows you to fetch data from the fields you have created using Advance Custom Field plugin. 

It gives various options through which you can retrieve data from the fields.

  1. Fied Type: Here, you need to specify the type of field from which you want to retrieve the data.
    • Here is the list of supported field types: 
      • Text
      • Textarea
      • WYSIWYG
      • Number
      • Url
      • Select
      • Checkbox
      • Radio
      • Button Group
      • True False
      • File
      • Email
      • Image
      • Taxonomy
  2. Source: Select the Source from where data will be fields. This is basically where your field group is attached. 
    • Post Field: Retrieve data from the Post Fields. (To be used in Post/CPT singular template. It can also be used in designing loop-in Block Layouts for the Post Block widget.)
    • Term Field: Displays data from Term Fields (To be used on Taxonomy Archive Templates)
    • User: Select this to display data from User meta fields. (To be used on Author Archive Templates) 
    • Option: Use this to display data from Settings pages created using Pods.
  3. Parent Field Type: Choose if this field is a Sub Field (Repeater Field, Flexible Content field). It will be needed if you are using it in ACF Block Layout(Repeater/ Flexible Content). Or select the Group field option.
    • Parent Field: On selecting the field type as Group field, you also need to mention its parent field. 
    • Repeater Field: On selecting Repeater in the field type, you need to first select the parent Repeater name or nested Repeater. Then specify the subfield.
  4. Field: Specify the name that you have assigned to the field, which you have created under the Field Group tab of Custom Fields.
  5. Before Text: Add some prefix text here. 
  6. After Text: Add suffix text to your content. 
  7. Placeholder Text: You can use it to show the default text to be displayed in the empty field
  8. Html Tag: Select the HTML tag that you want to be wrapped around the content. 
  9. Links To: You can assign an action to your retrieved field data by clicking on it. As soon as you click on the field, you will be redirected to some specific section. For example, you can link your ACF Fields to post, static URL, and custom field.
  10. Alignment: You can give a position to the retrieved information (Left, Center, Right, Justified).

There will be many different options available depending upon the field type that you will select.

Note:- Return format Image ID is supported for the Image Field Type.

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