Display posts from ACF Relationship field using Post Blocks Adv widget

This will require you to create Relationship Field for Post/Page/CPT using the  Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin. 

You can find more details about ACF - Relationship Field here: https://www.advancedcustomfields.com/resources/relationship/.

Follow the steps below to show ACF Relationship Posts on a Single Post Layout.

Drag the "AE - Post Block Adv" widget to the desired location in your AE Template and do the following configuration.

    • Under the Layout Section, Select

Under the Query Section, do the following configuration.

  • Source: Relationship
  • Relationship Field: Name the Relationship Field that you have created in ACF.

    Create Relationship Field

    Also, set "Return Format" to "Post ID." By default, it is set to Post Object. 

    Select Return Format

  • Do rest of the settings like order by, layouts, etc. as required.
  • See the following screenshot for the configuration setup.

AE-Post Blocks Adv: Select Relationship as Source

Similarly, you can also display posts for the reverse relationship in Post Blocks Adv. To know more, check out this  How To Display Posts From Reverse Relationship Using the Post Blocks Adv.

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