AE- ACF Repeaters

AE - ACF Repeaters are used to fetch data of an entire row.

Repeaters are helpful as you can retrieve information from a row containing multiple fields through them.

The entire data is contained in a block that can be represented using different layout styles.



  • Skin: Select from Default, Accordion, or Tabs to arrange the repeater field data differently.
  • Block Layout: Select the block layout created for the Repeater field.
  • Repeater Field: Select the name of the repeater class created or the name of Nested Repeaters.
  • Title HTML Tag: Set the HTML tag used for the title from H1- H6 or DIV.

Default Skin: On selecting Default Skin, more layout settings are displayed.

AE-ACF Repeaters: Select Repeater Field


  • Layout Mode: When selecting default skin, it gives you two layout options, Grid and Carousel, to style the information inside the repeater block. 
  • Masonry: It is used to present the images seamlessly.
  • Column: You can specify the number of columns in which you want to display the information.
  • Column Gap: Here, you can specify the amount of space to be kept between columns.
  • Row Gap: Amount of space to be kept within two individual rows.

AE-ACF Repeaters: Layout Settings

Tab Skin

  • Tab Title: Specify the field key to be used as a title for each item.
  • Layout: Set the positioning of the tabs like horizontal or vertical.
  • Tab Align: After selecting a horizontal layout, you can align the tabs in the left, center, and right.

AE-ACF Repeaters: Tab Skin Settings

Accordion Skin

  • Tab Title: Specify the field key to be used as a title for each item.
  • Icon: Select the icon to represent the action of expanding an item.
  • Active Icon: Select the icon to represent the active item.
  • Title HTML Tag: Set the HTML tag used for the title to H1- H6 or DIV.
  • State On Load: Select the Accordion status when on load like Default, All Open. All Close, or Open a Specific Accordion tab.
  • Enable Hashtags: Enable Hashtags in Filters: Creates unique URLs that can open specific filter tabs on load.
    • Fragment: When enabling Hashtags, clicking on the filter will update the URL without updating the page.
  • Enable Toggle Button: Enable it to add an Expand All and Collapse All toggle button.
    • Expand Text: Enter the text for the Expand button.
    • Collapse Text: Enter the text for the Collapse button.
    • Separator: Add a separator icon.

AE-ACF Repeaters: Accordion Skin Settings


Copy this widget ID and paste it into the AE- Trigger widget to add trigger actions buttons.

AE-ACF Repeaters: Trigger Settings

Widget Title

  • Title: Enter the Repeater title.
  • Html Tag: Choose the HTML tag to render the title.
  • Alignment: Set alignment for the title text.

AE-ACF Repeaters: Widget Title Settings

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