AE- Pods

AE - The Pods widget allows you to fetch data from the Pods custom fields. It gives you various options through which you can retrieve data from different field types. 

AE-Pods: General Settings


  • Data Type: Here, you need to specify the type of pod field from which you want to retrieve.

Supported Field Types are:

    • Text
    • Textarea
    • Number
    • Website
    • Select
    • Checkbox
    • Yes No
    • File Download
    • File Gallery
    • File Image
    • Email
  • Source: Select the data source. This widget supports multiple field types.
    • Post Field: Retrieve data from the Post Fields. (To be used in Post/CPT singular template. It can also be used in designing loop-in Block Layouts for Post Block widgets.)
    • Term Field: Displays data from Term Fields (To be used on Taxonomy Archive Templates)
    • User: Select this to display data from User meta fields. (To be used on Author Archive Templates) 
    • Option: Use this to display data from Settings pages created using Pods.
  • Field: Here, you need to specify the name that you have assigned to the field in pods.
  • Before: Text: If you want any additional information to be placed before the retrieved field
  • After Text: You can use it if you want any additional information to be placed after the field data.
  • Placeholder Text: You can use it to show the default text to be displayed in the field that is empty.
  • HTML Tag: Select the HTML tag that you need to use for rendering field content.
  • Link to: Choose if you want to link the content. It can be linked to the post permalink, the static URL, or data from another custom field. 
  • Alignment: Align the content (Left, Center, Right, Justified).
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