Using AE - Pods Yes No Field type in AnyWhere Elementor Pro

Yes/No Fields can be used using the AE - Pods widget.

It gives you the option to conditionally display the message/content based on the yes and no value of the field. 

Widget Settings

  • Field Type: Select YES NO field option of AE- Pods.
  • Source: Select from where you want to fetch the data. 
    • Post Field: Retrieve data from the Post Fields. (To be used in Post/CPT singular template. It can also be used in designing loop - in Block Layouts for Post Block widget.)
    • Term Field: Displays data from Term Fields (To be used on Taxonomy Archive Templates)
    • User: Select this to display data from User meta fields. (To be used on Author Archive Templates) 
    • Option: Use this to display data from Settings pages created using Pods.
  • Field: Field name/slug.
  • True Message: Message to display if field value is Yes.
  • False Message: Message to display if field value is NO.

Note: Separate styling options are available under the Style tab for True and False case content and True Message & False Message Field also supports shortcodes.

AE Pods: General Settings

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