AE - Author widget is used to display the Author details on your Post/Page.

It can display different types of Author data and you can style it according to your choice using different controls.

Useful in displaying Author information on Single Post Layouts. It can also be used in Block Layout (Post Blocks widget) to be used for Archive Layouts. 

  1. Data: Choose which information about the author you want to display. 
    • Author Avatar (Author Image)
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Full Name
    • The NickName of the Author
    • Biography 
  1. Show Link: This is used to give a link to the content. It has three options
    • Author Link- Links to the author archive.
    • None- Disable Link. 
    • Post Link-  Link to info with current post permalink. 

  3. Size: you can increase or decrease the size of the icon.

  4. Alignment: Adjust the alignment of the content. 

  5. Overlay: You can also have an overlay over Author Avatar. There are three ways to show the overlay (On Hover, Always and Never).
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