How Create a Single Post Template For a Specific Category/Term

Create a Single Post Template:

Before assigning the single post template to a specific category, you first need to create the template. 

To learn more about creating the template, you can go through this complete article How To Create a Single Post Template Using AE Pro.

Assigning the Template to a Category/Term

After you have finished creating the template, you need to assign it to a particular Category or Term. For this 

  • Navigate to your WordPress admin dashboard and go to Post >> Categories
  • All the categories and taxonomies created are displayed.
  • Select the Category name on which you want to apply the above-created template. (Like here I have selected the "Food" category)
  • Under the Edit Category page, look for the option AE Pro Singular Template; from the drop-down, select the appropriate template which you want to apply.
  • Click on the Save button.
  • The selected template will be automatically applied to all the posts associated with that particular term.

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