Render Modes Explained

Render Mode is one of the key configurations of AE Templates. It defines where exactly that templated will be applied. 

Here is the list of all the Render Modes and where they are applied. 

  • Single Post Template: Use this while creating a template for Singular (Post, Page, or Custom Post Type) Layouts. 
  • Taxonomy Archive Template: Archive templates for Category, Tag, and Custom Taxonomies. 
  • Post Type Archive Template: Blog Page and Custom Post Type Archives
  • Block Layout: Used by Post Blocks and Post Blocks Advanced widget while looping through the result.
  • 404 Template: Like it says, on the 404 page
  • Search Template: Search Result Page. 
  • Author Archive: Used on Author Archive Layout. 
  • Date Archive: For date archive layouts. 
  • ACF Blocks (Repeater/ Flexible): This will appear only if you have the ACF Pro plugin activated. It is used by the ACF Repeater Fields, and Flexible Content Field widgets to loop through the repeater field data.  
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