Using AE - Pods Select Field in AnyWhere Elementor Pro

To display data from Pods Select Field, you will have to use the AE - Pods Field widget 
You can display data from single select as well as multi-select fields.


Make sure that the Return Format of Pods Select field is set to Value in Pods Backend field settings. 

Widget Settings

  • Field Type:  To display the data from Select Field, it should be set to Select.
  • Source: Select from where you want to fetch the data. It gives you four options 
    1. Post Field Retrieve data from the Post Fields.
    2. Term Field- Term field works only for designing Taxonomy Archive layouts. 
    3. User- Select this to display data from User meta fields. (To be used on Author Archive Templates).
    4. Option- Use this to display data from Settings pages created using Pods.
  • Field: Field name/slug.
  • Display Data: Choose where you want to display Key or Label for the selected options.
  • Show All Options/Choices: Enable this to display all the options along with the selected option(s). Unselected options will be displayed as strike-out text by default. You can alter this by changing its style from dedicated options given under the Styles tab. 
  • Layout: Choose Vertical (list) or Horizontal layout. 
  • Align: Align content like left,  center, and right. 
  • Icon: Icon to be displayed before the Selected option.
  • Icon (Unchecked): Icon to be displayed before the Unchecked/Non Selected option.
  • Separator: Instead of standard divider lines, you can also place your own separator like a comma, slash, etc. Just type the required separator.

Sample Layouts

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