How to design 404 Template using Elementor

Have you ever thought of using your creative design idea on the 404 error page?

"AnyWhere Elementor Pro" allows you to accomplish this. Now you can design awesome 404 Page designs using your favorite page builder - Elementor. Create a new AE Template from wordpress admin and do the following configuration. 

  • Go to AE Template -> Add New
  • Under "AnyWhere Elementor Settings" set Render Mode - 404 Template
  • Elementor Canvas - Check if you want to use the Elementor Canvas template for the 404 Page. Otherwise, your 404 Page layout will be displayed with the default header and footer of your theme.
  • Now start designing this page using Elementor. Whatever you design here will be displayed on the 404 error page on the frontend. 
    Create 404 Template

How to Check?

Just add any random string after your URL (e.g. ), and you will be able to see the 404 pages in action.

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