AE - Portfolio

AE- Portfolio is a collection of Post, Pages, Categories, or anything which have individual pages to be displayed.

It provides four options to create a portfolio.

AE-Portfolio Widget



AE-Portfolio Query Settings

  • Source: Here, you need to select the content for which you want to create a portfolio. Content can be anything like a post, pages, categories, etc.
  • Block Layout: Here, you can select the layout in which you want your portfolio content to appear. A list of all the layouts created by you will be displayed.
  • Authors:  Select the author's name whose post you want to display.
  • Categories: Select the category whose post/page you want to display.
  • Tags: To display posts associated with a particular tag.
  • Formats: Specify the name of the format created to display post content. 
  • Order By: In this, you can order the source for which you want to create a portfolio in a certain manner. You can use different options like Date, Title, etc., to filter your post.
  • Order: It sorts your post in ascending or descending order based on the criteria selected in the Order By option.
  • Post Count: You can use the Post Count option to display a specific number of posts on a single page. It takes a numeric value, which signifies the number of posts to be displayed at a time. 
  • Offset: Use this setting to skip over posts (e.g., "2" to skip over 2 posts).
  • Query Filter: Add your custom query filter. Know More


AE-Portfolio Layout Settings

  • Layout Mode: Here, you can choose whether you want to display your portfolio design in a list or in a grid format.
  • Masonry: It is used to present the images seamlessly.
  • Pagination: Here, you can choose if you want page numbers to be displayed or not.
  • Columns: You can specify the number of columns you want to display containing posts as a portfolio.
  • Column Gap: Here, you can specify the amount of space to be kept between columns.
  • Row Gap: Amount of space to be kept within two individual rows.


If you have selected the Pagination option in the layout, then you have more settings available. Show Prev/Next: Select or deselect it if you want to display the next and previous buttons on your portfolio page.

AE-Portfolio Pagination Settings

  • Previous Text: Here, you can give any name to your previous button.
  • Next Text: You can give any other name to your next button.
  • Page Limit: It signifies the maximum number of pages that can be included in your portfolio.
  • Disable Scroll To Top on Load: Enable this option if you want to disable scroll on load.
  • Scroll To Offset: Set the offset value.
  • Alignment: Alignment can be set Left, Center, and Right.

Widget Title

  • Title: Enter the title.
  • HTML Tag: Select the HTML tag.
  • Alignment: Select the alignment of title.

AE-Portfolio Widget Title Settings

Filter Bar

It is a bar that is displayed on the top of your portfolio content.

AE-Portfolio Filter Bar Settings

  • Show Filter Bar: You can choose whether you want to display the filter bar or not.
  • Taxonomy: Here, you can select the content that you want to be displayed on the filter bar. All your created Taxonomies list is displayed from which you can choose.
  • Only Parent: Enable it to show only the parent taxonomy
  • Show All: If you want to display all the content of the selected taxonomy in a single tab, you can use it.
  • Tab 'All'Text: Here, you can assign a name to the Show All tab.
  • Label: Add a text label for the filter bar.
  • Align: Alignment can be given to the Filter Bar accordingly, like left, center, and right.

Check out the Post Block Adv widget to get more controls on functionality for displaying post-data

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