AE - Post Image

AE-Post Image widget is used to display the image that you have on your post. It has various settings through which you can change the layout of the image.


  Layout Setting

AE-Post Image Layout Settings

  1. Image Size: Through this, you can select the size of the image using various predefined size formats and the custom size option displayed in the drop-down menu.

  2. Image Alignment: The positioning of the image can be set as Left, Right, and Center.

  3. Link to: You can define an action to your image by clicking on it. An image can be linked to your post or you can view the full-size image.

  4. Enable Image Ratio: Through this, a ratio can be set between the height and widget of the image.

  5. OverLay

    If you want an effect on your image you can use this option. It provides you with three options Always, On Hover and Never.

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