Background Slider(Images from ACF Gallery)

Background Slider is an amazing feature provided by AnyWhere Elementor Pro. It gives you the ability to add a slider that runs on a Section or Column background. This gives you complete freedom to keep adding your widget in that Section/Column. 

It works just like the background image, so you can put any other widgets inside that area as Slider works in the background. 

It also has Dynamic capabilities. This means you can use the ACF Gallery and Pods Gallery field as a source of images. 

  • To add a background slider to a Section/Column, edit its settings and go to AE Pro -> Background Slider. 

Use Background Slider

There are three options available under Type. It defines the source of the images that will be used for the slider. 

    • Default: It is for a static background slider. With Default, you will get the option to upload images just below it. Click on Add Images, and it will open a WordPress media dialogue to upload and select the images. Learn More About Default Layout.
    • ACF Gallery: This option is available if you have the ACF Pro plugin activated. ACF Pro comes with a field type - Gallery. Add the field name/slug in the below available setting field. 
    • PODS Gallery: You can select this option if you want to Add a Field name from the AE-PODS gallery.
  1. Source: If you are creating it on Single Post Template, then the source should be "Post Custom Field," and if you have created a custom field for Term and using this slider on Taxonomy Archive Template, then use Source as "Term Custom Field."
  2. All other remaining options are for configuring the slider style and effects. 
    •  Image Size: Select the size of the image you want to display on the slider
    • Transition: Choose the Slider Transition( this effect is used to display the appearance of your image in the slider) 
    • Animation: Choose the Animation style for your Slider(Animation adds the effect to your image which manipulates to appear as moving)
    • Custom Overlay: Enable this to give your own custom-designed overlay to your slider. You can set color, image or gradient as an overlay
    • Overlay: Choose the Predefined overlay for your slider
    • Cover: Specify whether the image should cover the Complete slider or not. 
    • Delay: Delay time between each slide
    • Timer: True/False to hide or show the progress bar at bottom of your slider.
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