AE - ACF Flexible Content

Using this widget, you can display the ACF Flexible Content field data. This widget allows you to display the ACF Flexible Content in different styles and templates.



  • Skin: Select the Grid or Carousel Layout style to display the ACF data.
  • Flexible Content: Here, you need to select the field group that you created for flexible content.
  • Manage Layout & Templates: Click on the Add item button to add ACF data.
    • Item 1
      • Layout: Select the layout created under the ACF Flexible Content field type.
      • Template: Now, choose the ACF Block Layout created for the Flexible Content

You can add multiple repeater layouts by clicking on the Add Item button.

AE-ACF Flexible Content: Content Settings


  • Grid Layout: Select the layout style for the grid structure like List or Default.
  • Column: You can specify the number of columns in which you want to display the information.
  • Column Gap: Here, you can specify the amount of space between columns.
  • Row Gap: Amount of space to be kept within two individual rows.

AE-ACF Flexible Content: Grid Settings


When selecting skin as Carousel, you will get control options to set the Carousel, and also a trigger - widget id is created to be used in AE - Trigger widget.

  • Effects: Choose how each slide transitions, either Slide, Fade, Overflow, or Flip
  • Slides Per View: Set number of slides to view at one time, maximum of 10
  • Slides Per Group: Set number of slides to scroll per swipe, maximum of 10


  • Speed: Set the time it takes for each slide to appear. This time is in milliseconds, so 1000 ms is equal to 1 second.
  • Autoplay: Enable to apply autoplay to the slides
  • Space Between Slides: Set the time between each slide.
  • Loop: Show Carousel in a continuous loop, infinitely. Yes or No
  • Auto Height: Enable to set the auto height to the Carousel
  • Pause On Hover: Select whether or not to pause autoplay when on hover.


  • Pagination Type: Select None, Bullet, Fraction, or Progress
  • Scroll Bar: Enable the scroll bar

Note: For Custom Field Type - Image set "Return Format" to "Post ID." and for Gallery Type, set "Image Array" as return format.

AE-ACF Flexible Content: Carousel Settings


Copy this widget Id and paste it in the AE- Trigger widget to add trigger action for the Carousel.

AE-ACF Flexible Content: Add Widget ID Settings

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